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Re: install problem -- Mount Failed: Invalid Argument

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From: Eric Moser <ericm eonline com>
To: Jose M. Sanchez <opjose ex-pressnet com>; redhat-install-list redhat com
<redhat-install-list redhat com>
Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 3:54 PM
Subject: RE: install problem -- Mount Failed: Invalid Argument

>> 1) RH 5.1 does NOT have FAT32 enabled on the boot kernels... (2.0.34)
>> was added in 2.0.35... You'll either need to install from the CD
>> or copy the
>> files to a NON fat32 partition and install from there...
>...well, I don't have a CD.  What's the best way to transfer the files to a
>non fat32 partition?  From windows, I cannot even see beyond the fat32
>partition -- it just looks like my hard drive is smaller. Do I need to make
>another partition, say a fat16 partition (that windows AND the linux
>installer will recognize perhaps), and transfer my files there from the
>fat32 partition?

One way around this is to start fresh.

Create a DOS (fat16) patition large enough to hold the Linux install files..
any copy the files there.

Create a -small- swap partition.

Install Linux. Make sure it works...

Copy the Linux files over to the Linux Native partition (for future use...)

Once things are working bring up the system in maintenance mode, delete the
swap partition and the DOS partition, and turn them both into one larger
swap partition... (remembering to edit the /etc/fstab appropriately)...


Another way is, IF you have another machine available (and a lan adapter) to
install via the LAN...


Borrow a CD from another system.


>> 2) Is this correct?
>>  >/dev/hda1: (FAT32) 3.4GB         <- You'll eventually want to use ALL
>> this for Linux...
>> >/dev/hda2: (Linux Native) .5GB   <-500 meg linux partition
>> (where you will
>> put all of Linux's files)
>> >/dev/hda3: (Linux Swap) .1GB    <-100 meg swap file (what a
>> waste of space!
>> this should be say 32 megs or less)
>I was under the impression that using linux and x takes up around 400mb...
>is this incorrect?  I'm planning on using Linux in this case to learn the
>ins and outs of Unix and perhaps configure apache (I don't want to
>necessarily run a website on a permanent basis, I'd just like to do it so I
>know how to in the future).  Also, I heard somewhere that swap[ partition
>should be about 15-20% the size of your main linux partition -- is that
>incorrect data?  The idea, however, of dedicating my whole drive to Linux
>silly... for business and personal reasons I need to keep windows95 running
>on this system.

400 MB will permit you to install most of linux, but you'll quickly run out
of space...

You really do not need a swap partition larger than the amount of system ram
x2, and even that can be overkill... I have a 96Meg Ram machine that only
ever uses 10 megs of swap space, and this because Linux is reallocating ram
for cache buffers...


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