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Re: Linux security

My impression is that FreeBSD is generally more secure than Linux.
However, Linux is MUCH easier to administer.  If you apply ALL of the
security updates and configure your Linux system properly, it should be
secure as the FreeBSD box.

Linux probably has a bigger install base than other FREE versions of UNIX.
This means more hackers are using it and are looking for the bugs it may
contain.  I use to manage a FreeBSD box, but elected to migrate the system
to Linux simply because it is much easier to use RPM to update a RH box
than the SUP, CSUP, or Makefiles on the FreeBSD box.  I think that FreeBSD
has three different ways to upgrade application because none of them are
easy to use or work on a consistant basis.

I would suggest using Linux, keeping up-to-date with the updates and
turning off ANY service that you don't need.

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On Wed, 28 Oct 1998 awong sec20 wharton upenn edu wrote:

> hi,
> I installed RH5.1 on an Intel box. It runs fine. Recently, two of my
> friends machines running the similar configuration got hacked in by
> intruders. Linux security issue was brought up to me and I was told that
> FreeBSD has a better security features. I start wondering whether I should
> re-consider my choice. Anybody knows where I can find out more information
> about the differences (advantages) of both systems, especially on
> security issues?
> sincerely
> Alex
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