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Re: RedHat 5.0 and Power Supply.

Neither is probably to blame, the CPU/Motherboard combo at BEST is only
capable of turning off the fan during idle periods.

If you have the CMOS set up to "allow fan poweroff during idle" or something
similiar, and you have "protect CPU powerdown", what is probably happening
is that the MB is detecting an overheat condition on the motherboard, and is
putting the system into power save mode.

In this mode the CPU runs at a fraction of it's normal speed, and thus
remains a LOT cooler.
Quite a few motherboards also power down the fan(s) when this occurs.

I too had a similiar problem. It was driving me nuts because the system
would even strobe the power (green) LED and produce a faint almost inaudible

I kept overriding the CMOS setups to try to overcome this to no avail.

I opened the case one day and touched the CPU when it was doing this... I
burned my hand!

After I had allowed everything to cool off I discovered that even a paper
label on the CPU (added by a vendor) was brown from the heat.


I swapped out the processor for an Intel, and all my problems went away.

The CPU now runs cool to the touch.

The problem was with the CYRIX processor itself. I have subsequently seen
this repeated many times... even with the newer chips... AMD's and INTEL
CPU's never produce this result.

... and lest you ask, yes the case was properly cooled with extra fans
installed. Yes the voltage settings were all correct. No I was NOT
overclocking it. No there was NOT too much draw on the TTL levels... (I even
scoped them).


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Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 4:03 PM
Subject: RedHat 5.0 and Power Supply.

> Hi, I have a problem ... When in redhat 5.0 When I load a program or just
>am sitting there the fan on my Power Supply does some werid stuff... like
>speeding up and slowing down... I have an ATX mother board and ATX power
>supply so the power supply is controlled by the mother board.. I tried
>turning off PM by APM in the BIOS but that didn't work.. The unusual thing
>is it Doesn't do this in any other OS (DOS, Windows).. Also I installed a
>new power supply and it still does this ... Does redhat send some code to
>the Mother board that could do this or is it a hardware incompatibility?

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