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Re: RH wasting my time. REAL compatible cards?!


    You know I had very similar problems, I have all brand new bleeding edge hardware
that even
though it is new Redhat said it was "supported", well anyhow they basically told me
that the hardware I had was some odd version that was "unsupported" for everything.
So I tried SuSE Linux 5.2 and guess what all my hardware works, their support is 100%
better and I have upgraded one version to 5.3 w/o ANY problems, completley slick, no
headaches anymore!!

                                                                    -Carl Johnson

Michael Olivier wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Part 1: The Rant (why I despise RH)
> Part 2: The Request (what compatible hardware I should buy?)
> Part 1: Here comes the rant... 2+ weeks ago when I started the nightmare
> known as setting up Linux on a PC, I checked the redhat web site and my STB
> Velocity 128 card is listed on the compatible list, as is my 3com 905b
> ethernet card. Then after 2+ weeks of trouble, RH tech support
> unceremoniously closed my ticket on the STB Velocity 128 video card
> (RIVA128 chip set) due to "incompatibility" (see message history below for
> details). They previously closed it without solving or addressing it and

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