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Re: Linux difficult for newbies?

> It seems to me that a distinction needs to be drawn between installation
> and configuration. Clean installs of windows, macos, and Red Hat linux are
> relatively smooth and uneventful for most; however, these lists would have
> little traffic is linux was as easy as people in this thread seem to claim.
> The shear volume of posts to the newsgroups, specifically to
> comp.os.linux.networking setup and hardware as well as the large number of
> inquiries to Red hat for setup support of relatively standard PC hardware
> illustrates that configuring PPP connections, setting up video cards and
> other hardware pose a challenge to so many experienced computer users even
> after reviewing HOWTOs and man pages. At issue are things which windows
> configures and sets up in a few clicks and keystrokes that can greatly
> increase the blood pressure of a user when trying to accomplish the same
> task in linux.
> Having used linux, BSD and DEC Unix for sometime, I was astounded by the
> difficulty of setting up a linux system. Installing linux was the easy
> part. Setting up the system proved problematic; between the PPP issues, the
> unknown "free list corrupt" problem, and other issues are a source of
> frustration. Setting up a CDR for the past two weeks has proved an almost
> impossible challenge. Yet, when I switch the CDR to my mac, plug it in and
> restart, it works fine. No bits flipping, no massive setup issues, and no
> unexplained problems.
> Linux warning label: Not for those with high blood pressure.

> Just my $0.04
> Regards,
> SJ Martel

Well said, SJ!  Newbies (such as myself) need a lot more info 
before starting installation.  I didn't know until a couple of weeks ago 
that that Linux is usually installed to a bunch of seperate partitions (i 
have 2 -- swap, and everything else).  I'm having no end of trouble 
getting X installed.  I think the prob. is that my card's too new (most 
people have never heard of it).

That brings up the hardware compatibility issue.  My next computer 
will be "Made for Linux" rather than "Made for Windoze95".  (This 
one was a graduation gift, though, so i can't complain too much.)  

Frank Wilcox, Jr (fewilcox email com)
Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand;
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand.
              -"Second Fig" Edna St. Vincent Millay

Matthew 7:24-7

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