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Re: Linux difficult for newbies?

Once upon a time (Tue Oct 06), rick hamell wrote:

> It might be interesting to note that the orginal design philosphy
> behind DOS was to be used in embedded controllers! It later evolved
> to be a low level simple operating system for those new fangled
> 'desk top' computers that were popping up every where. Then Mr. Gates
> stole it, renamed it in a later version... and the world's not been
> the same...

The story as I recall it (surely I am wrong in places):

Microsoft wanted to sell MS-BASIC to IBM for the new PC. IBM wanted
MS-BASIC, then the most popular BASIC interpreter, but also wanted
a simple OS, rather than a system running the BASIC interpreter
directly with OS type commands embedded. Microsoft had no OS, and
no OS experience. So, Microsoft bought QDOS from Seattle Computers,
or some similarily named company. QDOS reportedly stood for Quick &
Dirty Operating System. Seattle made embedded systems, and needed
simple OS which it could port quickly to new hardware. That fit the
bill perfectly for Bill. Hence MS-DOS on the IBM PC.

Lawrence Weeks      "Audaces fortuna juvat."      dev deskmedia com

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