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Re: X10 switches and stuff to make coffee.

Okay someone just posted a URL for making coffee via a computer


All you need to do is to connect a relay in parallel with the reset switch
. you could adopt the coffee circuit to control this..
if you really want I can redesign this circuit and spell it all out .
If the computer is an ATX type it is even simpler ...
Have fun
At 06:44 pm 7/10/1998 +1000, you wrote:
I'll remember your thoughts next time I'm dragged out of bed at 2.30am.

If I could run a shutdown I would but when it crashes it really crashes and a simple "power cycle" fixes it every time. If it doesn't then I'm happy going on site but if I could avoid it then I'd like to.

Call me a lazy sysadmin but sleep is important to me.


> The reason I need this is that I have two servers hosted remotely and
> last night at about 2.30am I got a call to go and restart one of them. I
> was hoping to be able to set something up that would let me control the
> power of each machine from the other machine, thus enabling me to
> restart either of them remotely via the net.

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