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Re: System's problem.....

Emerson Holgan wrote:
> Hi...
> I saw that in my /etc/inittab there was already the following line:
> 3:2345:respawn/sbin/mingetty tty3 .
> But  to set getty on my system, in order to receive incoming calls..I
> ve read that I would have to add in /etc/innitab a line like :"
> S1:234:respawn:/sbin/uugetty ttyS3 F38400 vt 100"
> I) Are both lines the same?? If yes, that means that getty is already
> setted on my system
> and I have no setting to do for it... right???
> II) Please have a look at how I had to do for settin getty on my system
> (It s probably meaningless if getty is automatically setted on my redhat
> 5/kernek 2.0.32):
> following instructions of PPP How To tips,
> I ve created file /etc/conf.uugetty.ttyS3 with
> followin contents:
> Login=/bin/login
> INIT="" \d\d+++\dAT\r OK\r\n..etc..
> Then I configured /etc/gettydefs, configuring following line:
> # 38400 Fixed Baud Modem entry
> Finally, I had to configure /etc/inittab and added at its end:
> #dial in lines enabled in standard runlevels
> S1:234:respawn:/sbin/uugetty ttyS3 F38400 vt 100
> ..then I ran telinit q to update /etc/inittab and got foolowwing error
> message (taken from /var/log/messages):
> uugetty[2571]: bad default line:
> over the line
> INIT SEQUENCE failed on$

Probably because mgetty already has the port.

check mgetty man pages and uugetty to compart
the options or remove the mgetty line for tty3.
also look for a similar way to do stuff 
for /etc/conf.uugetty.ttyS3


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