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Gathering Video Card use details, help out

Hello, after hearing often questions as to what video card to use, I'd
like to put up a page, table, with known video card and resolution data.

Just mail in what video card you're using, and any details you wish to
give (I can link them from the table) and I'll start this out.

I'll put it up on www.infinitelinux.nu  (blank domain so far anyways)

I'd like the following info, let me know if I'm missing something

Video Card (name)

Chipset (if you know)

Interface (agp, pci, etc)

Memory (4megs, 2 megs etc.)

Resolutions You've run it at (800x600 16bit, 1024x768 24bit etc.)

Special notes (what "tweaking" did you do?  Those weeks of work to
get               it to work right could be saved for the next poor

Can anyone think of any other details I should add to this form?  

If the "special notes" are in depth, I can link them as a second page
with details, so don't fear if you really want to write a book about how
you got your vidcard working, go for it.  It's my server after all,
plenty of disk space :)

Thanks for your help, I personally think this would be a great help to
the new linux person, as tweaking vid settings when you're just starting
out in Linux is quite a letdown (me, I'm fine with prompt, but it IS
nice to impress your windows friends with a fancy enlightenment-themed
desktop :)

--alexander woodby

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