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Re: mouse problem..

AT LAST!  A problem I'm familiar with.  My HP Omnibook had
the same problem.  The answer was to go into the XF86Config
file and enable the software cursor.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the
syntax for that, but if you do a Web search
for "software cursor" you should be able to find it. 


Doug Black

>>> <redhat-install-list redhat com> 03/04 10:44 AM >>>
I got a problem using mouse. (My pc is Toshiba satellite 335cds laptop) 
The problem is that mouse pointer doesn't go with mouse action point.
So I have to guess ..where mouse action point is...becaseu It's different
action point with mouse pointer..
that's really hassel..things.
I'd happy to get that answer.
and please connect those who use same model laptop , and any toshiba

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