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Re: Installing a SCSI Adapter after RH 5.2 installation

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Jon Geissinger wrote:

> Well, I think I have solved the module loading with the following in the /etc/conf.modules file:
> alias scsi_host_adapter aha1542
> options scsi_host_adapter io=0x334
> But how do I know if I can 'talk' to the tape drive attached to the 
> adapter 
the easiest way would be to put a blank dat in the drive and
do something like

tar zcvf /dev/st0 /etc

and see if your tape drive starts to do things

tar ztvf /dev/st0

should then give you a listing of the files on the tape

>and what software is there available for backup to SCSI 
> 4MM DAT drives.  
tar and dumo should be installed by default, there are a couple
of free archive systems available, try looking at www.linux.org.
If you're looking at archiving multiple machines over a network 
then you might want to look at amanda (www.amanda.org)

I saw BRU during the load of the system, but 
> opted to NOT load it.  How do I find the BRU RPM to get it loaded 
> and does BRU require X?  I hope not, this server has a cheap 
> monitor on it (Gateway CrystalScan 1024NI) and it doesn't sync 
> well.

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