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RE: Network Problem

Dear Dave,

My network is simple consisting of three machines and a hub, NT 4.0 Server
which provides DNS, WINS and DHCP service, Two other machines which have three
OS in each, One has WIN98, Redhat Linux 5.2 and BeOS. The Other has WINNT 4.0
WS, RH Linux  5.2 and BeOS. Both machines have static IP addresses and each
uses the server DNS & WINS services. 
One machine is working and connecting fine. The other, the one with WIN98 is
working fine is WIN98 and in BeOS and use to work fine with Linux. I don't know
what I did and suddenly it is not connecting in Linux. Both machine have the
same netstat  -rn out put. No gateway configured because I don't think I need
one and the network, network mask and BCmask should be the same and they are.
The only thing that should be different is there IP's.
I wanted to find out where RedHat keep there network initialization file
(rc.net1, rc.net2) and where do they initialize the interface with idconfig and
route but I can't find them. If you can point me there, may be I can figure out
my problem.


Khalid S. AL-Khater
E-Mail : kskhater qatar net qa

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