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Re: Newbie Questions


The first thing is that please use plain text to post e-mails to the mailing lists.

I may not be able to give you help on all your questions.  But the following should get you understand more.

If you install RedHat from CD-ROM, installation on the hard drive will not depend on the FAT32 partition.  Since RedHat will have its own partition, it doesn't matter what is in the other parts of the hard drive (if you install from CD-ROM).

If you have saved a copy of the RedHat Linux in the FAT32 partition, and you install from that partition instead of a CD-ROM, then you need to use the patch from RedHat.

However, in order to be able to boot from hard drive, the /boot partition of Linux has to be within cylinder 0 to cylinder 1023 in your hard drive.  Otherwise, it may not boot up at a later time.  Check if your partition is over cylinder 1023.  If so, you may to have a smaller /boot partition and fit that very small /boot partiton within 1023.

I am afraid that I could discuss with you about your modem problem because I am not sure about SupraExpress.



At 05:31 PM 1999/3/7 -0500, you wrote:
I am just a newbie want to try the Redhat 5.2. I've got several questions about installation. I am sorry if my question is too dumb.
First, I have a 13.2G hard drive  with first 10G allocated for Win98 using FAT32. Am I able to install the Redhat. I have heard there was a patch could support FAT32. And could I install it above 8G by using some disk management utilities such as system commander?
Second, I got the following message from the Red Hat Linux Hardware Compatibility List for Intel/5.2
Modems that require software drivers for compression, error correction, high-speed operation, etc.
          PCI Memory Mapped Modems (these do not act like serial ports)
               Internal SupraExpress 56k

The modem I have is Diamond SupraExpress 56K internal V.90. But I remember it is a ISA modem instead of a PCI, correct me if I am wrong. I am confused here. Is my  modem compatible with redhat 5.2? I bought it specifically because it was not a winmodem so that I can use Linux. I guess I was wrong.
Third, anybody here using Diamond Sonic Impact S90 sound card? Does it work under redhat?
Thank you very much!

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