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Re: Reinstalling with ??'s (was: When booting all I get is an 'L' ???)

"Gary Starks" <someone_43 hotmail com> writes:
>One thing I have gotten into a habit of doing is just pretty much 
>humoring the X-Windows install that comes up during the REdHat 
>installation sequence, then when I actually boot into Linux, the first 
>thing I do is run XF86Setup.  This sets up my X-Windows environment much 
>better than Xconfigurator.

    I found the same thing, that XF86Setup worked a lot better than
    Xconfigurator... actually, I couldn't get it to install at all 
    until I skipped all the X checking stuff and let it go to be done
    manually later.

    One strange thing though... I was getting errors on startx that I
    started to look into.  I found the problem in the config file, where
    it didn't quote the 'Modes 640x480' line.  When I changed that to have
    it quoted... it worked just fine.


    BTW:  I'm still having my boot problem, but I can boot off the disk 
    just fine... so it's a lower priority right now.  I do suspect the
    clue is in what someone mentioned earlier... a file that reports the
    errors from LILO boot.  I get the L, maybe the LI [Can't tell exactly,
    it goes too fast], then it immediately starts rebooting.
    (Couldn't find the /doc/lilo directory or anything of the sort)

    I'm guessing that there is something in the LILO that is crashing the
    system on system startup :)


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