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PPP w/ linuxconf (formerly: Re: KDE distributed with RH5.2?)

I actually tried that first. However, it does not seem to work for me. 
After I completed setting up the required fields, I clicked on accept 
and then clicked on connect. Nothing happened. Everything looks right, 
and there are even entries for my pap-secrets, but the modem never picks 
up. If I try to use the modem via minicom it works just fine. I don't 
get a ppp connection, but at least I know the modem is working. 
Truthfully, I would prefer to connect this way, and then setup the 
ppp-on and -off scripts so that I can have users automatically connect 
when they login and have it disconnect upon logout. 

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? linuxconf not dialing the 


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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 11:29:48 -0600
From: "Mike Abney" <mabney netexplorer com>
To: redhat-install-list redhat com
Subject: Re: KDE distributed with RH5.2?
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RedHat did *not* distribute KDE with 5.2.  At that time, the libraries
KDE was based upon (QT from TrollTech) had a license that was
incompatible with the GPL.

RedHat 5.2 *does* come with linuxconf.  I strongly recommend trying to
use it to set up your ppp interfaces and it can even initialize
(dial/connect) them for you the first time.

Once that is done, you can use 'ifup ppp0' (or whatever the interface
you want was named) if you log in as root.  In linuxconf you can also
set the ability for normal users to be able to initialize the
interface.  For them to get to the 'ifup' command they need a link to
it in their path or to specify '/sbin/ifup'.

I can get more detailed, but if this doesn't work for you, you're
better off looking up the PPP-HOWTO and trying the techniques there.


Brian Boerner wrote:
> I have heard a few people say that KDE is distributed with RH? Is this
> true? I have searched the RH cds: find /cdrom -name '*'kde'*' -print 
> found nothing. I have heard that the KDE dialer for PPP is the way to
> go. I am having trouble getting ppp working so I can't download KDE.

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