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Problem installing sound card under 5.2

Be easy on me, I am a Linux newbie.
I have installed Redhat 5.2 and and dualbooting it using LILO and Win95.

I am pecking away at each little problem, and at this point I cannot make my
sound card work.
Here is what I get when running SNDCONFIG 0.27 :

Modprobe error
The following error occurred running the modprobe program:
/lib/modules/preferred/misc/sb.0: init_module: device or resource
Sound: device or resource busy

When I first bring up SNDCONFIG, it says a PCI sound card was found of unknown
I click OK and then it says NO pnp or pci cards were found.... ?????
Then I choose from the list just the generic soundblaster on IRQ5 DMA1 port 220
and it gives me the above error.
I know that this card is pnp, and is 100% legacy soundblaster compatible
The details of the card are:
Super Sound Origin PCI Diamond
Uses Diamond DT0398 chip

Works fine in windoze.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

Isaac Crow

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