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Re: running X Windows

If you have hust installed RH5.2 from the CD rom using the default options,
then the Xserver is already installed but not yet configured.

Run "Xconfigurator" to set it up.

You must MOUNT your cd-rom before you can access it.

Most "larger" operating systems use this mechanism to prevent users from
removing a drive or device while it is being accessed.

Try "mount /mnt/cdrom" AFTER you have placed a CD-ROM in the drive.

Your best bet is to start with a "getting started" book for Linux. RedHat's
manual provides some help with all of this. In addtion there are several
manuals and documentation files in the /usr/doc and /usr/doc/HOWTO
directories you can read.

Type "less Xxxxx.txt" to page thru the document where Xxxxx.txt is the name
of the file you wish to see. Don't know if you CAN read the file? Try "file
Xxxxx.txt" and Linux will tell you what type of file it is...

Do yourself a favor, and buy a book.

opjose ex-pressnet com

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Subject: running X Windows

> Hi,
> It doesn't look like X Windows works because when I do xstart
> (or startx, I know I used the right one), it doesn't work. It looks
> like I need to install X server, but I don't know how to access
> my CD-ROM drive. cd /mnt/cdrom/ doesn't work. I've just installed
> Linux and have never used it before. I'd appreciate some help.
> I have two HDs. One is apparantly hda, and the other is hdb. It
> looks like the CD-ROM drive is hdd. I tried cd hdd without any
> luck.
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