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RE: Too large a HDD

I tried to shrink my C: using fips2.0 . It said
"last cylinder is not free. Cannot create partition. You may have hidden
files etc...". So I went back and deleted the hidden files on C:\
I de-fragmented and tried running fips again.
Same error again.
Also now i cannot boot Win98 (surprise ;)  So I must EXT the missing system
But what must I do about the "last cylinder not free" ? Are Hidden files
immovable - will just setting the hidden option off work?
Anil Philip
Dept 4177/117, 2424 Garden of Gods, MCI, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Anil Philip mci com anil_rita yahoo com
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Anil Philip wrote:
> Thomas:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your willingness to help. I had printed out your email and
> do the checks you asked.
> As I understood it the problem seems to be
> C: (Win98) is 8 Gb and D: (intended for for Linux native) 2Gb and E: (for
> Linux swap) 70Mb.
> D: and E: are beyond the 8Gb limit on the 10Gb HDD. So I must move them
> within the 8Gb space (?).
> How do I do that?
> 1. create a new partition on C: using fips?
> or
> 2. use partition magic to slide the d: before the C:?

#1 should work :)
I don't think #2 will because Win98 may not like booting across
the boundry either.

But better still is us fips/PM to make a small partition in front of
I currently have 4 kernels in /boot and the only use 2.6MB
So a 5-10MB partition in the first 1024 cylinders will work fine.

Then you only loose a few Meg from Win98.
I think fips can do that, I know PM can resize the "C" partition
and put a small one after it. Only "C" has to be a primary partition
but I'd make all 4 be primary partitions.


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