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Re: 3Com 3CCFE575BT-D 10/100 PCMCIA LAN Card

"Scott Cramer" wrote:
>Sorry, not me. But if you do get it working would let me know. Thanks..


I just stumbled across this on http://hyper.stanford.edu/HyperNews/get/pcmcia/cardbus.html


Forum: Cardbus driver issues
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:32:19 GMT
From: steve rosenbluth <stever la creatureshop henson com>

Joseph George wrote: > I saw your posting on the PCMCIA message lists in the "Cardbus driver issues" forum. Congratulations! You finally got the 3CCFE575BT to work....

Hi joseph, Well, I didn't do anything very special, but here are the particulars: I started with Redhat 5.1. I'm using a 2.0.35 kernel (from ftp.kernel.org) with no 3com support compiled in. I compiled the pcmcia 3.07 package from the stanford pcmcia ftp site.

I made sure to prevent pcmcia from trying certain interupts by putting the following in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts:

# Resources we should not use, even if they appear to be available
# first serial port

exclude irq 4

#first parallel port

exclude irq 7

# Cirrus pcmcia chip can't use IRQ 9 reliably ?

exclude irq 9

# USB controller on irq 10

exclude irq 10

you should look at /proc/pci to see what interrupts the chips on your laptop's pci bus expect to use.

My 3c575 is always in the slot when I start the machine, I don't hot-swap it. if I did - it wouldn't work, the card isn't recognised when it goes back in.

see if you can manually load the modules: insmod cb_enabler
insmod 3c575_cb

(the module cb_enabler is necessary for the 3c575_cb module to load)
check them with /sbin/lsmod

use /bin/dmesg to see what the kernel saw when you loaded the modules. that should be informative

Good luck - Steve Rosenbluth

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