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Re: IDE support in RH install?

Werner Kliewer wrote:
> Do you have any other controllers on this machine? Perhaps other
> drive controllers on the motherboard? It almost sounds like the
> IDE irq is being masked by some other controller.
> Remember, disabling in the bios will probably work during the boot,
> but once you are running the kernel, it ignores the bios and goes
> and finds it's own hardware. You would have to make sure anything
> on the motherboard that might be able to use irq 14 is disabled
> through jumpers. ALso, IDE uses (on my laptop which I have handy
> here) i/o ports 1f0-1f7 and 3f6. Could there be a conflict there?

I think you're giving my motherboard too much credit.
It doesn't have built-in I/O ports, much less floppy or IDE.
It's BIOS is only barely aware that there should be a HDD controller.
It's incapable of setting IRQs.

What gets me is that the kernel boot messages tell me it found
both the hard drive and the CD-ROM, and the IRQ & I/O they're on.
No problems are reported.

Once up, /proc/interrupts shows ide0 on 14.  Again, no conflicts.

What is most disturbing is that /dev/hd* don't even exist.
Oh, well.

I think I'll take Tim Rayner's advice (thanks!) and try 5.2.
If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

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