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Re: Too large a HDD

Anil Philip wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone worked with hidden files?
> I tried to shrink my 8Gb C: partition using fips2.0 . It said
> "last cylinder is not free. Cannot create partition. You may have hidden
> files etc...". So I went back and deleted the hidden files on C:\
> I de-fragmented and tried running fips again.
> Same error again.
> Also now i cannot boot Win98 (surprise ;)  So I must EXT the missing system
> files.
> But what must I do about the "last cylinder not free" ? Are Hidden files
> immovable - will just setting the hidden option off work?
> thanks,

The problem is not just hidden file but also read-only files.
The M$ defrag program won't touch either.
If you use the "details" button in defrag, you should see all the
nonmovable blocks marked. As to the ones at the end
of the disk, try changing the swap setting or deleting the swap file

Since you need to reinstall, can you repartition the disk first
using M$ fdisk?

Do you have a spare disk you can use for linux? That's the easiest
solution. You may want to get a seperate disk anyway.
Then you can use non-LBA access to it. I've had better performance
that way. I also use many partitions for linux.
/,/boot,/usr/opt,/usr/local,/usr/src,/usr/local/src,/var, and /tmp
are all seperate partitions. You get less fragmentation
on the static partitions (like /usr) and that increases speed.
Files on /tmp, /usr/src, and /usr/local/src get written/deleted
a lot and gets fragmented.


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