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RE: Loading initrd.img........Boot Failed!

RH 5.2 can install in 8 meg. I have an old i486-DX33 with 8 meg and its
running fine. I'm using AfterStep as the graphical interface, and have used
the bundled Netscape through my dialup ISP (slow as a slug, but it works).

My first attempts to install did not work.  I couldn't get an install to
work with the original 540 meg disk no matter how much I deleted from the
suggested install. So, I found a deal on a 6.4 gig disk and used disk druid
to format it. I used the workstation option and that went fine.

I'd like to build my first from-the-board-up system and move RH to it(I want
to see what RH can do with more than 8 meg and a DX33.  Does anyone have a
link to a list of boards that would work and their advantages/disadvantages?

Thanks, Alan

AwRuuska Net1Plus com <mailto:AwRuuska Net1Plus com>



206 Lunenburg Road

West Townsend, Massachusetts 01474-1134



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> Subject: RE: Loading initrd.img........Boot Failed!
> hmm 8bm of ram? That is a bit too little for the installation I do
> believe :)
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> From: Steve Gusz [mailto:sgusz painewebber com]
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> Subject: Loading initrd.img........Boot Failed!
> Well, that's what happens when I try to install RH5.2.  I'm trying to
> install linux on a 486DX2-66 with 8 megs of ram and a 320 meg HD.  It's
> an old Dell 433P (I put a DX2-66 cpu in it, it came with a 33).  I boot
> from the disk image (I have no CD, was planning on doing an SMB install)
> and get to the welcome screen where you can type expert and what not.  I
> continue buy just hitting enter.  It goes onto loading the image and
> then dies.  Anybody know hat is causing this?  I used the same disks to
> install linux on a dell 433P/66 (Dell 486 system that comes stock
> w/DX2-66) with 16 megs of ram without a problem...
> Thanks,
> Steve
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