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RE: Download Linux tar files to DOS and Linux native partitions

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Dom Bekarge wrote:

> 1.  Is it necessary to umount the drives before shutdown?

As long as you shutdown properly then all filesystems are unmounted
properly by 'halt'.

> 2.  Why vfat ?
>      Why not types msdos or umsdos?

See the discussion on vfat issues in the slashdot archives:

More links:
   (and look for filesystems)

> 3.  The ReadOnly option makes sense, but is the following okay?
> mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/hdc1 /mnt/drve
> (I would like to use the 100 MB primary DOS partition on the Linux drive
> as a kind of "file server."  If Linux boot, I could use WordPerfect for Linux.
> If Win98 boot, I could use Microsoft Word.  This would allow me to transfer
> data between the two programs.)

This is okay, provided you use a partition that does not contain critical
windows files (in my opinion).  Stay away from using the partition with
your windows install on it, for example.  What I have done for some users
here is to create a partition called 'data' or 'scratch' or some such
thing where they keep their files.  I advise them not to install windows
stuff into this partition.

Also, someone has written a tool for windows that reads(/?writes?) linux
partitions.  There are probably other tools as well.  One of them is
mentioned in the links above.

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