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RE: Minicom script files?

Darryl Gibson wrote:
> And it leads me to my next problem. According to the man page for
> runscript, I should have two demo script files, demoscript and
> unixlogin. But I can't find them using ls or whereis. 

An alternative to "whereis" (or "which" which finds executables if they're 
in your PATH somewhere) is the "locate" command.

You have to build a database first with the updatedb command. IIRC the 
normal Redhat install adds a cron job somewhere to do the updatedb on a 
regular basis.

Once done you can simply ask:

   locate filename

and full path of the file should appear.  The filename parm
can also accept normal shell filename metacharacters like:

   locate *.log
   locate *ppp*
   locate file[0-9]




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