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RE: Windows and Linux

> > >Windoze 95/98/NT have many more security problems than Linux. :/ If you
> > >usualy don't use Linux, then what do you use? OS/2? :) Or do you have
> > >something even safer?
> >
> > No, I just use the machine as a workstation (under Windows 98
> -- it's more
> > idiot proof than Linux is, or so I was led to believe) until I
> figure out
> > how to lock down the Linux side of things.
> It is? Well, maybe it depends on your definition of "idiot proof" It is
> complicated to get windows to ask for a password, while that is the
> default behavior of Linux. If you have a user that decides to delete
> every single file he can, then Linux is less idiot proof unless the
> idiot is root.(he better not be) An idiot can be more destructive on
> Windows, but maybe he can also be more productive? Most people I know
> aren't such idiots, at least not around here. Even if Windows is more
> idiot proof, what happens when someone learns? The biggest problem in
> Linux is solved by commenting out a few lines in /etc/inetd.conf

I just know what I read:

"(2) Network security is an important issue for Linux users. Unlike the
typical plug-and-play home system, an Internet-connected Unix machine is in
a high-risk situation. As inexpensive Unix systems become available, people
are naturally attracted to them for one reason or another, people who would
otherwise never have considered a Unix machine. Without some precautions,
these people are going to get hurt in real short order (probably a matter of
days, rather than weeks or months). "

(from Linux LAN & Firewall FAQ

I don't know why you're trying to get me into some kind of OS religous war

So you're saying that a PC 'eMachine' running pre-installed Windows98 is
more of a security risk than a linux box with no firewall running finger,
anon ftp, a web server, telnet daemon, etc etc? Because that's what Redhat
6.1 gave me when I opted to install 'everything' and until I learn how to
shut down un-needed services and configure a firewall, I don't feel
comfortable leaving the system on 24/7. That's ALL I'm trying to say.

I don't have "users," I just have me. I've never had to worry about security
since I've never run anything with the connectivity options that linux has.
When I said "idiot proof" I meant more from a security/connectivity point of
view, not from a user point of view.

I came on this list to try to learn about Linux, which I've been using for
about 7 days now. I'm totally new at this. When I see someone having a
problem that I've just worked through, I try to help him or her out. I'm
frankly stunned that you're trying to twist my words into making me sound
like some Bill Gates Cheerleader.

If I was a huge fan of Windows, why would I be here? I'm just saying that,
out of the box, Windows 98 just doesn't have the power and capabilities that
Linux seems to have, and with power comes responsibility. I read the
security newsgroup of my ISP and see many, many reports of port scanning and
people trying to break into home systems.

Until I understand how to protect myself from these kind of attacks, I'll
keep using the box, like I said, as a workstation. I know the ultimate way
to protect it then... turn the thing off!

'nuff said. This thread is dead, as far as I'm concerned.

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