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Re: Windows and Linux

Peter Smith wrote:
> > > >Windoze 95/98/NT have many more security problems than Linux. :/ If you
> > > >usualy don't use Linux, then what do you use? OS/2? :) Or do you have
> > > >something even safer?
> > >
> > > No, I just use the machine as a workstation (under Windows 98
> > -- it's more
> > > idiot proof than Linux is, or so I was led to believe) until I
> > figure out
> > > how to lock down the Linux side of things.
> >
> > It is? Well, maybe it depends on your definition of "idiot proof" It is
> > complicated to get windows to ask for a password, while that is the
> > default behavior of Linux. If you have a user that decides to delete
> > every single file he can, then Linux is less idiot proof unless the
> > idiot is root.(he better not be) An idiot can be more destructive on
> > Windows, but maybe he can also be more productive? Most people I know
> > aren't such idiots, at least not around here. Even if Windows is more
> > idiot proof, what happens when someone learns? The biggest problem in
> > Linux is solved by commenting out a few lines in /etc/inetd.conf
> I just know what I read:
> "(2) Network security is an important issue for Linux users. Unlike the
> typical plug-and-play home system, an Internet-connected Unix machine is in
> a high-risk situation. As inexpensive Unix systems become available, people
> are naturally attracted to them for one reason or another, people who would
> otherwise never have considered a Unix machine. Without some precautions,
> these people are going to get hurt in real short order (probably a matter of
> days, rather than weeks or months).

What can you do our webserver? http://www.netvision.com.py It is running
Linux. If you find a problem tell me so that I can fix it.
Warning: Jose put a really big background image, so be carefull, it
takes a while to load.

> (from Linux LAN & Firewall FAQ
> http://rlz.ne.mediaone.net/linux/faq/index.html)
> I don't know why you're trying to get me into some kind of OS religous war
> here.

I'm not. I don't believe in OS religion.

> So you're saying that a PC 'eMachine' running pre-installed Windows98 is
> more of a security risk than a linux box with no firewall running finger,
> anon ftp, a web server, telnet daemon, etc etc? Because that's what Redhat

NO, I'm saying that it is easy (at least for me) to make Linux safer
than Windows.

> 6.1 gave me when I opted to install 'everything' and until I learn how to
> shut down un-needed services and configure a firewall, I don't feel
> comfortable leaving the system on 24/7. That's ALL I'm trying to say.

You can shut down un-needed services by removing links in
/etc/rc.d/rc?.d/ and commenting out lines in /etc/inetd.conf and as I
said, if you want a firewall script I can send you one. The web page you
mentioned tells you what to turn off and what to block.

> I don't have "users," I just have me. I've never had to worry about security
> since I've never run anything with the connectivity options that linux has.
> When I said "idiot proof" I meant more from a security/connectivity point of
> view, not from a user point of view.

Ok, where I work that is also our main concern. We are permanently
connected since December.

> I came on this list to try to learn about Linux, which I've been using for
> about 7 days now. I'm totally new at this. When I see someone having a
> problem that I've just worked through, I try to help him or her out. I'm
> frankly stunned that you're trying to twist my words into making me sound
> like some Bill Gates Cheerleader.

Sorry if it looked like I was twisting your words. I was surprized that
you thought Windows was safer than Linux. If you still thinks so I won't
try to convince you any more. Maybe sometime "You shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free." Or maybe the truth will change
sometime, although it doesn't look like it will.

> If I was a huge fan of Windows, why would I be here? I'm just saying that,
> out of the box, Windows 98 just doesn't have the power and capabilities that
> Linux seems to have, and with power comes responsibility. I read the
> security newsgroup of my ISP and see many, many reports of port scanning and
> people trying to break into home systems.
> Until I understand how to protect myself from these kind of attacks, I'll
> keep using the box, like I said, as a workstation. I know the ultimate way
> to protect it then... turn the thing off!

But if you turn it off you can't use it, so you'd might as well not have

> 'nuff said. This thread is dead, as far as I'm concerned.
Fine with me. This is the last I'm writting. I answered your last
question and appologised for the misunderstanding.

Ivan Jager

Unreasonable people want to change the world.
Reasonable people accept the world as it is.
Therefore all progress depends on unreasonable people.

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