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eth0 & eth1

[Apologies if this got posted twice. I thought I sent it last night but it
never showed up on the list.]

Last night I was setting up a new linux box in the hopes that I could turn
it into a firewall/proxy and put together a LAN behind it.

When I had 2 NICs in the box, the install (via FTP) wouldn't work. It looked
like the installer was searching for the DHCP server on the inside network.

I yanked the internal NIC and tried it again, and everything worked fine.

I shut down, reinstalled the 2nd NIC and powered up. Redhat 6.1
auto-detected the new card and tried to install it, but failed. I was left
with neither card working.

I tried to configure eht0 as external and eth1 as internal, since every
example I've read has them that way.

Linux REALLY wanted eth1 to be external and eth0 to be internal. I finally
stopped arguing with it, and now everything seems to be working fine,
insofar as it goes. I turned on IP masq long enough to check it out, and
could surf and such from a machine on the LAN.

Is this OK? Should I be concerned that my interfaces are the reverse of what
most people have? If so, how do I specify which is which? I think it has
something to do with the address of the card, but I'm not sure exactly what
to do.

My next question is, what should I use for the Domain name of the internal
machines? Can it be anything? And right now I've hard-coded the DNS server.
If that changes (my external interface is via DHCP'd cable modem) how do I
find what the new DNS address is (I'm looking for the linux equivalent to
winipcfg on win95/98). Or can I somehow automatically pass this info along
to the internal lan?

Thanks for any ideas.

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