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Re: File system is hung

On Fri, Oct 29, 1999 at 06:20:20PM -0800, Leroy Smith wrote:
| >Leroy Smith wrote:
| >> /dev/hda3:  UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY:  RUN fsck MANUALLY, (i.e., without -a
| >> or -p options)
| >> I ran fsck, and it said "Parallelizing fsck version 1.12 (9-Jul-98)"
| >> and didn't seem to do much besides that...
| >after running fsck, the duplicate blocks should be "fixed"
| I agree, but it still gives me the same error messages every time I boot.
| It puts me into the root and says 'fix it.'
| >You now should reconfigure the printer to fix the corrupted files.
| OK.
| Remember I'm a TOTAL newbie, any clues on where to start to do this?  I
| reread both printer HOWTOs again, but didn't see anything on fixing
| corrupted files...

The intent is that reconfiguring the printer will totally rewrite the
relevant files, which pretty much turf the possibly corrupt stuff and
starts afresh.

| >> #3:  How can I make sure it doesn't happen again?
| >
| >Since we don't know the exact cause, hard to say.
| >Did you shut down the machine improperly?
| >Power outtage? Drive going bad?
| No, nothing out of the ordinary.

Could you elaborate on this? What is your ordinary method of shutting
the machine down? Personally, I tend to su and say "reboot" because I
didn't grow up on these new-fangled machines which treat ctrl-alt-del

| >Just that long for fsck to run on /dev/hda3 again.
| >It runs at boot, but only if you didn't unmount the disk
| >correctly.
| Yes!  That I do know.  Ever since I installed Linux, when it boots it says
| "hda3 not cleanly mounted, check forced" during boot-up.  It then checks
| files.  But now it found something wrong.  Am I supposed to unmount the root
| from hda3 every time I shut down?  Can I do that as a user?

Yes and no respectively. The shutdown command should do this for you.

Have you tried
	- boot, wait for fsck request
	- do the manual fsck
	- immediately type "reboot" after that

That's as close to totally clean as you'll get.

Also, new versions of the e2fs tools were released recently; see if they do a
better job for you.
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