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Does anyone have a good reference to sendmail that would be
appropriate for a typical RedHat user attached to a ISP? Prior to 
RedHat 6.1 I used the Address Re-writing How-To to develop
an m4 script that did what I wanted. However on upgrading to
6.1 this script no longer worked properly and it appears that this
How-To no longer is applicable. I tried several times to generate a
working configuration using Linuxconf without success. I have been
unable to decipher the Linux conf help information for sendmail.

I am using something off a web page that *sort* of works, but is obviously
not quite right. I went out and bought a copy of the Bat book; I am 
sure if I devote several weeks of study to it I will be able to figure this out.

But I don't want to become a sendmail consultant.

So I am asking the list for help....

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