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Re: Another install, aborted


It sounds like you're out of drive space. You can't put the entire install
on 500Mb, so you better decide exactly which packages you can't get by
without having, at least until you can add more drive space.


Trent The Thief

At 03:52 PM 9/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> DOS     32megs
>> Swap    32megs
>> Root    750megs
>Well, that didn't work. With eighteen minutes, and 50megs to go, the
>errors started. I stopped counting at 49, 31 occured attempting to load
>into /usr, 17 into /etc, and two into /bin. All were related to lack of
>disk space.
>I'm going to try my original config, but this time with the 32m swap
>partition. The weather is on me now, so I'll have to wait for it to
>clear before I try again.
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