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Re: downloaded StarOffice

I burned it as is and have regretted it ever since, as the first thing I
have to do is untar it and then trash the monster remaining tar file.

My SCSI Zip Drive works just fine with Linux.  So well that i went out
and bought another SCSI card from the same maker for the box that I use to
to practice networking on/with.  Guess what.  It finds it just fine in dmesg,
but no matter what  I do the Zip "is not a block device" under that card.  I
guess I lucked out when I bought the first card (pre-Linux, it was the cheapest
they had).  Go figure.  My point: maybe you're doing nothing wrong.

As Kevin says, DOS zip disks are fine.  Why anyone would want to format them in
ext2 and lose that functionality I'm not sure.

Anyway, untar the file, burn it, take it home, put in the info you gave EXACTLY
as it was emailed to you, and enjoy.  Oh yeah, don't forget the ./ when you go
to set it up.


On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Robert Landry wrote:
> >%_Maybe a dumb question...
> I just finished installing RH 6 Linux and have downloaded StarOffice 5.1
> under my Windows machine at the office (as this is a fast connection). Now I
> want to bring it at home on a ZIP drive (DOS formatted).
> I have many options availables: I could burn it (zipped???) on a CD-R, then
> once booted in Linux, put the CD in the PC, proceed to install...
> Please note that I'm still not able to use my ZIP (scsi) drive under Linux
> (but I guess in this case it would be irrelevant, as the ZIP I'd brought
> home is DOS-formatted, right?)
> Considering the above, what would be the best way to pursue to install
> (easily...) Star Office ??
> Thanks,
> Robert L.

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