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Re: Redhat installation requires brain

Hi there!

Installing RedHat isn't so difficult. I'm also a newbie and I didn't have
any problems.

>  1) When I boot, the system hangs for a while when loading sendmail...
> how do I disable this service so that this won't happen? (What is
> sendmail anyways?) And if I disable it, will I be getting rid of it
> permanently?

sendmail sends a message to one or more recipients. For more detailed
type 'man sendmail' in your console.
If you want to disable it, type 'linuxconf' in your console. ATTENTION:
Don't change
anything here until you know what you do!!!!!!!!!
In linuxconf go to 'Control - Control Panel - Control service activity'.
Here you can
chose which services start at boot time. Just disable 'sendmail', click
then on 'QUIT'. Then you have to 'activate the changes'.
Now sendmail won't start at boot time. You've disabled it, but you didn't
get rid off it.
It's still on your PC.

>  2) how do I install programs? I beelive I download the correct "rpm"s?
> (redhat packet managers?) And what do I do with these? Is there a
> command for "releasing" their installation steps?

'rpm' is the program which installs your "rpm"s. Just type 'rpm -i filename'
in your console
where filename is the WHOLE name of the file. Example: 'rpm -i
If you want to uninstall the same program, type 'rpm -i basefilename' where
basefilename is the name of the file without the numbers ' 8.9.3-10',
architechture 'i386', and file suffix 'rpm'. Example: 'rpm -e sendmail'

>  3) I have 3Com 509 ISA NIC. During installation it asked me what I got
> and I chose the right one. It asked me if I wanted to autoprobe and I
> said yes. The following installation steps occurred without any
> problems.

Networking is a bit more difficult than that, you will have to provide us
more information, on what you have done, if you want us to help you.

>  BUt I can't seem to browse or telnet or anything. Since my school
> supports dynamic IP addressing, I checked off "use DHCP". BUt nothing.

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