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Re: Using local printer

At 08:53 PM 9/22/99 +0500, Nadeem Kafi wrote:

>I wanted to have printer attached with our windows98
>systems and each one of them available to each of the 
>clients. e.g. Client A can print to Client D etc.
>I have configured Samba but not printers.  I would
>appreciate if some body give me some guideline
>before I attempt to configure samba printers.

I don't think I quite grasp the problem. If you want Client A to be able to
print to a printer physically connected to Client D, and both clients are
running Windows98, then surely it is not necessary to even tell Samba that
the printers exist right? You're just doing peer to peer networking between
the two Windows machines.
If you also want to let the Samba server access these printers you should
read the documentation for smbmount. Given the reliability problems of
Windows 98 this is a VERY bad idea if you have any desire to have your
printing actually work, I would strongly reccommend either connecting a
printer directly to your server (if you do a fairly small amount of
printing) or setting up a print server running some form of Linux or UNIX.

>Another problem:
>>From one of my client can connect to a Linux user (when
>using samba) but from another client I got a dialog box
>asking for a password for some IPS$ resource. I will 
>look into the problem tomorrow but .......

Usually this means that your client is not using a recognized
username/password combination. Make sure you are logging onto the Windows
machine with a username and password that match an account on your Linux
machine (or make sure you have configured a valid guest account for Samba
and use that). Also check that you have either configured Samba to accept
encrypted passwords or applied the Windows registry patch to make it use
plain-text passwords, but not both.

Who is this General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?

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