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Re: unexpected inconsistency

Hello Onkar,

You NEVER want to just shut down your computer with Linux ( or any other type
of Unix) by turning it off at the login prompt. Linux is very different from
Windows in that respect, it needs to be properly shutdown or you risk losing

I use this command to shut my system down:

shutdown -h now

the 'h' stands for halt, if you want to reboot then you can type
shutdown -r now. Visit the man page for shutdown for all the details.

man shutdown

This will allow all your system to safely shutdown

Good Luck,


On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Onkar Mahay wrote:
> Denice:  Thanks a million, I am back in business.  I did exactly what you 
> mention in your reply.  by the is this a common occurrance in Red hat or is 
> there a proper procedure to shut it down.  I usually shutturn my computer 
> off when I see the login screen.  Hope, I ma not doing something wron in 
> shutting down.  Again thanks a million, it is working now.   Onkar

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