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Re: Please help: Large KickStart install: how to force "part" devices?

Hello everyone,

	I am a little bit further down the road... After taking a look
inside "kickstart.py" located inside /misc/src/anaconda on a RH6.2 cdrom,
I see that there is an option called the "--onpart" option. However, the
installer appears to perform:

        if onPart:
            self.addToFstab(extra[0], onPart)
            self.addNewPartition(extra[0], size, maxSize, grow, device)

I.E: "onpart" allows me to force the partition, but it cannot be
"created" (all disks will be erased). In fact, I'd need someting like:

if onPart:
    self.addNewPartition(extra[0], size, maxSize, grow, onPart)
In case I'm able to modify this Python script.. Is there a small tutorial
on how to integrate the modified files into an install server? Should I
just replace my
.../RedHat/i386/RedHat/instimage/usr/lib/anaconda/kickstart.py ?
Do I need to modify something in my boot floppy?

Thanks for reading...

Vincent S. Cojot, Computer Engineering. STEP project. _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Comite Micro-Informatique. _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,.
Linux Xview/OpenLook resources page _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'
http://step.polymtl.ca/~coyote  _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._ coyote step polymtl ca

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
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On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Vincent Cojot wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I'm currently in charge of validating delopyment of a large
> (currently 100 and soon up to 300) Linux-based servers for a European
> E-broker.
> 	We'll be deploying a RH6.2+updates distribution most of these
> servers and I'm running into a wall with the way a kickstart install
> partions the disks. Ideally, I'd want something like:
> part / --size 256 --device ida/c0d0p1
> part swap --size 512 --device ida/c0d0p2
> [...5 more partitions...]
> However, the "--device" keyword is reserved to "raid" partitions.
> How can I force / to land on a specific partition and to have partitions
> allocated sequentially?? If I do it the way kickstart likes, then I get a
> "/" on the 11th partition of the disk (for example).
> 	If that's not doable, where can I get the source to the kickstart
> "installer" so we can modify it and force it to accept a "--device"? Can
> someone point me to the source to this specific part of the installer?
> 	This is really urgent, please help us. We haven't called RH
> support yet because we're still designing the architecture of our new RH
> installs (and this kickstart is part of it).

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