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Re: Internet for Roving Notebook?

You can certainly configure an ethernet card and dialup and run both
at the same time.  How a connection attempt is handled will depend
on your routing table.  Given your situation, I'd suggest getting
very familiar with the basics of routing ("man route").

Whenever you connect to any IP, your routing table will determine
which network interface (eth0, ppp0, etc.) actually gets the packets.
There will be specific network and host routes for various connections,
but the default route ("default" or "") is the "route of last
resort", so to speak.  If you can setup your dialup in such a way
that your default route is properly manipulated as your connection
mode varies, it will work quite well.  I'm not sure if pppd will
create a default route if there already is one, so you may need to
edit the dialup script to first drop that route and put it back
when your dialup session is over.

I did this once about 2 or 3 years ago, so any details are long
forgotten, but that is the gist of it.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

"Ronald W. Heiby" wrote:
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> Hello redhat-install-list,
> I've got a ThinkPad 770ED that I dual-boot between Win98 and RH Linux
> 6.2. I'm gradually moving more of my stuff from Win98 to Linux, and am
> ready to start moving my Internet connectivity needs.
> Sometimes, this system sits on my desk at home on my home Ethernet,
> where a cute little 3Com box (OfficeConnect ISDN LAN Modem - 3C892)
> mediates between my Ethernet and my ISDN line, which connects to one
> or more ISPs. I believe I have it configured as a DHCP server. Anyway,
> systems starting up on my Ethernet get their TCP/IP configuration
> information from it and it acts as the DNS server for the network.
> Sometimes, this system sits on my desk at work on my work Ethernet,
> where a DLS router will soon be providing services similar to those
> provided by my home 3Com ISDN router.
> Sometimes, this system wants to connect explicitly with some ISP via a
> Megahertz / 3Com PCMCIA modem. Most of those times, it will not also
> be on one of the above Ethernets. However, if it could be on both at
> the same time (finding local hosts via the Ethernet and Internet hosts
> via the ISP dialup), that would be super.
> The machine's "name" is "Atreyu" (from Neverending Story). The
> Internet host domain name "falkor.chi.il.us" is mine, but there is no
> "A" record for it, just "MX" records for Email delivery. So, whatever
> way I am connecting to the Internet, it is via dynamically assigned IP
> addresses which may or may not correspond to some domain name at any
> given time.
> At some point, I am almost certainly going to buy the VM environment
> stuff to allow any remaining Win98 stuff still I need to use to run
> within my Linux boot, so it would be good if my Internet connectivity
> were available to those eventual VMs.
> I've looked at some HOWTO information and some manuals, but no one
> seems to cover the kind of setup that I need to configure. I am an
> experienced computer person, so I don't usually need detailed hand
> holding, but I'm concerned that if I configure my Ethernet, I will be
> screwing myself for when I configure my dialup -- and vice versa.
> So, any help with getting this set up would be most appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Ron.
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