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Kickstart Issues

Hi all,

I am attempting to install Red Hat Linux using the Kickstart method of installation, but have come up against several  issues:

1. Installation proceeds without problems on Red Hat 6.1 if you leave the 'lang en' line out of the ks.cfg file. If this is kept in, then the installation routine terminates. At present, I have left it out of the file and am prompted at the beginning of the install for the language. When I did place it in ks.cfg, it was the first line in the file.

2. There is no way of setting a hostname in the ks.cfg file. Is there a way round this, so that the hostname is already set when the system reboots?

3. I use DHCP to assign IP addresses for the machines during installation, but wish to keep the IP address that the DHCP server assigns to them as the static IP address after installation.

Any help would be much appreciated with these issues. A copy of my ks.cfg is at the end of this. The 'lang en' line has been left out due to the issue mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,

Neil Sherin

Copy of ks.cfg

network --bootproto dhcp
keyboard us
zerombr yes
clearpart --linux
part swap --size 256
part / --size 500
part /home --size 300
part /usr --size 5030
mouse generic3ps/2
timezone Hongkong
rootpw unix12
auth --useshadow --enablemd5
lilo --location mbr
@ Server
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