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Possible problems with inetd.conf

How can we be sure if inetd.conf was read, when RedHat Linux 6.2 is booted up, or is it default ?

My question arises because, I use sendmail and my SMTP server is working and I am able to telnet to my SMTP port, but I am not able to telnet to my system (even as localhost) , nor am I able to telnet to my pop3 (110) and imap (143) ports, which are listed in my inetd.conf...

Any early help would be greatly appreciated... Please include my return address in your cc... as I am not a subscriber to the mailing list...(though I plan to)

My /etc/hosts.deny contains

My /etc/hosts.allow contains
ALL: 10.1.1.
(which is the ip series of my internal network)

My /etc/inet.conf contains

imap	stream	tcp	nowait.400	cyrus	/usr/sbin/tcpd	/usr/cyrus/bin/imapd	imapd
pop3	stream	tcp	nowait.400	cyrus	/usr/sbin/tcpd	/usr/cyrus/bin/pop3d	pop3d

My /etc/services (columns separated by tabs) contains

telnet	23/tcp	telnetd
telnet	23/udp	telnetd

pop3	110/tcp	pop3d
pop3	110/udp	pop3d

imap	143/tcp	cyrus
imap	143/udp	cyrus

The following transaction takes place (which might be strange) if I try to kill the inetd process... after making changes to inetd.conf

#ps -x |grep inetd<enter>
910 pts/1	S	0.00	grep inetd
#kill -HUP inetd<enter>
inetd:no process killed

After this if I run ps -x |grep inetd<enter>, it just returns back to the prompt, like the following...
#ps -x |grep inetd<enter>

After this if i give the sam ps command again, it returns another pid number, like the following...
#ps -x |grep inetd<enter>
915 pts/1 S 0.00 grep inetd
#kill -l 915
kill: bad signal number: 915

Are these returns normal... if this is the case, has my inetd.conf file read and everything is normal and the fact that I do not get telnet, imap and pop3 access, becuase the system refuses connection ("connection refused") because of some other problem...

Any reply will be highly appreciated...

Kind Regards,

Anand Pravin Shah.
"to be nobody but yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day,
to make you like everbody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." -- e.e.cummings

Anand Pravin Shah, 1540, W Ball Road, Anaheim, CA - 92802, USA.
Residence : 714 687 9850. Office : 714 490 0060.
E-mail : andy msistone com, apscomp hotmail com


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