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Partition Again! Need some help : (

    Hello guys. Please I need help. :(

    I'm trying to install RedHat Linux 6.1 in my computer. 
    I followed some steps, however didn't work.

    I tried some things:

    My Machine: Celeron 433, 64Mb RAM and 15GB Quantum HDD

    1. Angry with Windows, I decided to install the RedHat 6.1, then I utilized the FIPS2.0 in windows 98 DOS prompt.
    2. Using FIPS I created a second partition, about 3GB (at end of the
disk. My FAT32 partition were using all the HD space).
    3. Then I formated the second partiion using the DOS FORMAT and executed ScanDisk in both partitions
    4. I chosen the KDE workstation Install, and the setup program prompt me to create the partitions
    5. First of all I deleted the partition /dev/hda2 and with the remaining 3004 Mb I selected the add button, then the system prompted for: mount point, I wrote "/", size: 2800 (or any other size less than  3004) and type: Linux Native.
    6. Then, when selected OK, the installer returned: "Some partition were not created. Follows their description and the reason why they were not created:
        /                Boot Partition to big"
    7. No matter the size I specify nor if I typed "/boot" instead "/" the message is the same. I simple cannot create a parition named "/" or
"/boot". What is going on?

    What should I do? There is any chance of hardware problems with my new HD? I used to have Linux installed at the same way on my old 3.2Gb HDD.

    Please help me!

    Thank's all!

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