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Kickstart boot partition problems

I'm working on a kickstart installation over NFS to mimic the
pain-in-the-tokus manual graphical installs I've been doing.  I've just
about gotten everything exactly the same, except for one biggie.

When I do the manual graphical install, lilo doesn't complain about the
disk geometry.  The kickstart, however, fails miserably at the end when it
runs lilo, complaining that my disk (boot partition) has more than 1024
cylinders (anaconda spews that right behind the cheery "Congratulations!"
window).  And the system hangs at "LI" on bootup (instead of LILO).

When I booted the kickstarted system with a boot floppy, I saw that / is
not being assigned to sda1/sdb1 (md0), which is another part of the
problem certainly.  However, I have tried kickstarting with a /boot, which
according to this list's archive should have fixed the boot partition
location issue, but didn't (/boot got made sda8/sdb8!)

All my partitions are RAID-1.  I did in fact get it to work by making the
/boot partition not RAID, but that kind of misses the point of having
everything be RAIDed, so that's not a solution.

Any ideas how I can induce kickstart to create / (or /boot) at the front
of the disk?  I'm not aware of easy way for me to pre-create the partition
(in order to use --onpart) without obviating the usefulness of kickstart.

Here's the guts of my kickstart file FYI:

lang en_US

network --bootproto static --ip --netmask
--gateway --nameserver

nfs --server  --dir /store/RedHat

device ethernet eepro100

lilo --linear --location mbr

keyboard "us"

zerombr yes
clearpart --all
part raid.0 --size 1000 --ondisk sda
part raid.1 --size 1000 --ondisk sdb
part raid.2 --size 3000 --ondisk sda
part raid.3 --size 3000 --ondisk sdb
part raid.4 --size 5000 --ondisk sda
part raid.5 --size 5000 --ondisk sdb
part raid.6 --size 400 --ondisk sda
part raid.7 --size 400 --ondisk sdb
part raid.8 --size 1 --ondisk sda --grow
part raid.9 --size 1 --ondisk sdb --grow
raid / --level 1 --device md0 raid.0 raid.1
raid /var --level 1 --device md1 raid.2 raid.3
raid /home --level 1 --device md2 raid.4 raid.5
raid swap --level 1 --device md3 raid.6 raid.7
raid /usr --level 1 --device md4 raid.8 raid.9

mouse genericps/2

timezone America/Los_Angeles


auth --useshadow --enablemd5

rootpw --iscrypted i%M|\|0tth dum

<etc, etc>

d n shick				collab.net
cognitive dissonator			http://www.collab.net

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it,
doesn't go away.  		- Philip K. Dick

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