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Re: Kickstart boot partition problems

"d n" wrote:
> When I booted the kickstarted system with a boot floppy, I saw that / is
> not being assigned to sda1/sdb1 (md0), which is another part of the
> problem certainly.  However, I have tried kickstarting with a /boot, which
> according to this list's archive should have fixed the boot partition
> location issue, but didn't (/boot got made sda8/sdb8!)

Where does / endup?
Was /boot the first partition in the list
to be created?

> All my partitions are RAID-1.  I did in fact get it to work by making the
> /boot partition not RAID, but that kind of misses the point of having
> everything be RAIDed, so that's not a solution.

I'm not sure that lilo will work with raid.
> Any ideas how I can induce kickstart to create / (or /boot) at the front
> of the disk?  I'm not aware of easy way for me to pre-create the partition
> (in order to use --onpart) without obviating the usefulness of kickstart.

You could use rescue mode or an emergency
boot floppy (with kernel, shell, and [cs]fdisk )
to create the partitions. sfdisk can be scripted
so you have the kernel boot and run shell that
reads the partition script using sfdisk to
create the partitions. Then run the kickstart install.

See the sfdisk manpage for details.
It's be nice if kickstart could use sfdisk
or ally you to specify the disk layout, but
for now it doesn't.


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