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Install Across Two Drives

Dear Installers,

I have a Pentium box with 2 1GB hard drives, a generic 640x480 VGA monitor,
and ATI Mach32 PCI video card. Gnome Workstation install with automatic
partition works except that the second hard drive is not included in the
partitioning. RH tech support said to use fdisk to partition. So I did,
again installation works, however, the XFont Server fails on startx and the
system crashes. Startx works and XFS installs correctly only with
autoinstallation that uses the first hard drive.

The error message on XFS failure varies according to the options I try to
tweak in XF86Config, however, it always fails when installed across the two

I've spent 10 days struggling with this and have gotten nowhere. RH tech
support has been less than helpful. I could go out and buy a new hard drive
with greater capacity the the two old 1 GB, but I really don't want to.

How can I get XFS to work on an installation across two drives.


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