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Re: Windoz porting to Linux

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From: Burke, Thomas G. <thomas_g_burke md northgrum com>

> is WINE out of the question?

Oh, I have downloaded it, but it just loads and runs some of the Win95
programs. It tells nothing about porting. (win95 programs too are very rare
which get executed by WINE)

Any more help? Or WINE is also some porting system.

Muhammad Kamran Shakil

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> > From: Muhammad Kamran Shakil [SMTP:mksh68 yahoo com]
> > Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 10:35 AM
> > To: RedHat Install List
> > Subject: Windoz porting to Linux
> >
> > Hi Reds
> >
> > [Yes I know this is INSTALL LIST, but I can't afford to full my Inbox
> > so many more mails, so please pardon me. And if you give me right list
> > subscribe for this matter, that will also be help full for me. thanks.]
> >
> > Can someone give me general pointers in the direction of porting
> > windoze software to Linux? Directions may be of some WinAPI emulators
> >
> > Thanks in advance

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