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Re: Windoz porting to Linux

Muhammad Kamran Shakil wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Burke, Thomas G. <thomas_g_burke md northgrum com>
> > is WINE out of the question?
> Oh, I have downloaded it, but it just loads and runs some of the Win95
> programs. It tells nothing about porting. (win95 programs too are very rare
> which get executed by WINE)
> Any more help? Or WINE is also some porting system.

WINE is an implementation idf the Win32 API and some Win16
API, mostly by calling Win32 functions. It sup[ports
loading Native windoze shared libraries (DLLs).

Winelib is the ELF version of them that allows
native linux apps using the Win32 API.

For better info on using WINE and Winelib
to port Windoze apps to linux, get on the
wine-devel mailing list. the wine-users
list is not very active yet.

Corel is using WINE for WPO-2000 and
DRAW!-8 suite and PhotoPAINT!-8 app.

Denaba is using WINE (Winelib I think)
for their canvas7 port.

Check www.winehq.com for the list subscription
info, and ask the devel list for more help
( Wilbur N. Dale" <wilbur dale lumin nl> is
working on a Winelib HOWTO )

Look forward to seeing you on the wine list :)


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