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system crash during installation of 6.1

     I am installing ver 6.1 on an IBM PC 750

hardware details
     pentium 133
     128MB RAM
     1.2GB Hard Disk
     S3 Trio64 V+ Graphics
     No CD-ROM drive
     IBM PCI Token-Ring adapter (NIC)

     I am installing 6.1 using the ftp option from

     I am able to select the NIC, configure IP and specify FTP site
     I have tried to use GNOME, KDE and Custom setup to complete the
     In custom installation I was able to set /boot (16MB), swap (128MB)
and / 1074MB.
     Each time the installation fails with a traceback having the following

file "/usr/bin/anaconda.real", line 225, in? intf.run (todo, run = run)

and some more

     Is some thing apparently wrong. There are plenty of references to
python. I tried to find a place where I can choose to avaoid this package.
The choice is not presented before this point.

     Thanks for the help.


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