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RE: TurboLinux

> Has anyone here used turbolinux? I have both RedHat and
> Turbo. Is Turbo
> compatible with other variations of linux?

Have never tried Turbo, but it is just another distribution. All have the
same kernel, and you may actually want -if you are curious enough or have
masochistic tendencies- make your own distro from ground up, taking pieces
from different sources.

What may differ from one distro to another? Mostly three things:

1. Installation process. A matter of taste only.
2. The standard libraries. You can always upgrade to the ones you need if
they result "out of date".
3. The package management software. RedHat and SuSE use RPM, other distros
use other systems. ALL  distributions can handle tarballs, you may even
install RPM's on Debian or Slackware installing the RPM software or using
translators (such as alien) to translate an RPM package to another format.

Personally, I like RedHat. Good enough for what I need.


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