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RE: IBM PC Camera, USB PORT: Any Luck?

Hi, David:

Thank you for your response. I am unsure from it, though, whether your
C-it is working in Linux or not. It seems not. I will check out the URL
you sent. Thank you.

So far, no luck; yours is the rirst response, and from what I can see
online, there is limited functionality to the USB port in Linux until
Kernel 2.4, and the video cameras I've seen so far have all been USB.

Sort of an aside: So far no-one but me has benefitted from my excursion
into Linux. My daughter knows that _I_ am having a good time, but she has
not seen any virtue in my time at the keyboard and monitor that is
relevant to her. Setting up the camera to view the baby birds, and maybe
making it available via a Web site to her classmates to observe as well
would, beside being a Wonderful Thing and an Informative, Educational,
and Valuable Experience, be a nice sort of justification of my own
activities. And of Linux as an at-home option. I hope that there is a
viable [& inexpensive] option available. 

Thanks again for your response. If I get any further, I'll let you know.
(If my only option is to do this in Windows, why, then, perhaps the bird
will return next year.)    ;-)


Christopher J. Booth
cbooth aixx net

On 24 Mar 2000 dayaw guyana net gy wrote:

> I dont know if the whole kaboodle will work on the Linux platform. I hope it does as I am 
> eager to find out  myself. 
> A good-to-great camera is the C-it (by Xirlink) available at RDI in Florida. I use oine myself 
> as do my 2 kids for Internet video.
> You can visit RDI at 
> http://www.rdi-tampabay.com/
> David A. Yaw
> -- 
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