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RE: FTP issue on 6.1

Thanks a bunch - I'll see if that doesn't resolve the problem.

Philip G. Burger
Manager, Advanced Interface Technology Group
BancTec - Corporate Information Systems 
(972) 982-2328

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From: 	Kevin Colby [mailto:kevinc grainsystems com] 
Sent:	Friday, April 28, 2000 5:15 PM
To:	redhat-install-list redhat com
Subject:	Re: FTP issue on 6.1

Ah, when ftpd logs in a guest account, it does a chroot to the
"guest ftp" directory.  Once that is done, NOTHING outside of
that directory is visible at all.  This means that even the ls
command itself, and all the libs needed for it or any other
command must also be included within this root.

If you check this out I'm sure you'll find a /lib, /bin, and
/etc in the guest ftp directory.  Make a symlink to ls in the
the bin directory and call it "dir".

On a side note, the user names and group names in the ls listing
will only be visible as names (rather than the IDs) if those
users and groups are in the local "/etc/passwd" and "/etc/group"
(the ftp guest directory's copy--not the real /etc!)

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

"Burger, Philip G." wrote:
> We've run into an issue about which we are unable to find resolution
> documentation regarding FTP into a RedHat Linux 6.1 system.  We have
> restricted access to the system using the ftpaccess list and guest
> However, when we apply the guest restrictions, NT clients can no longer
> issue a DIR command and get the directory contents while the 'ls' command
> still works.  This poses some problems for automated NT clients at remote
> locations.  When the user is returned to the real group, directory
> work fine but the user has access to parts of the system we obviously
> like to avoid.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> ______________________________________
> Philip G. Burger

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