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ATI Rage 128 PRO with XFree86 3.3.6

Well...it was ugly but I actually got this card configured and up and
running. If anyone else is having trouble with it, here's what I did:

--Install using text mode...this thing won't even let you get into the
Graphical installer because it won't initially recognize the card.

--During the config of the card during the install DO NOT do any of the card
probes...this will lock you up.

--After install and start up run XFconfig86 (thanks to Karl Pearson for this
tip). Use the ATI Rage generic option in the list of cards that is provided.
Also, you may need to manually enter in the Horiz. and Vert. frequencies for
your monitor...I did this because I didn't see an exact match for my flat
panel in the listed options.

--After this I ran startx and was still not out of the woods.....got the
black screen. Then in my last act of desperation I remembered a note I'd
seen at the following site:
in which it is suggested that you add the line: ChipId  0x5246  in the
Devices section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config file. The logic is that this
thing is not the same chipset as the Rage 128, which I think accounts for
the fact that many of the things people have had me try out have not worked.
I had tried this earlier with no luck. But after running the XFconfig86
stuff and adding this line....wham!! it's up and I'm a happy camper. Thanks
for all of the suggestions in trying to get this thing alive and breathing.
Mike Muscato
muscato home com
**When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.**

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