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netware dying?

I have RH 6.2 installed, and ipx is configured as a module.  In order to
mount the netware files, I have to su root, modprobe ipx, ipx_configure,
and ncpmount.  Once done, I can work with  the netware files.  However,
I have recently had the experience - several times, in fact - where
after a few minutes of inactivity, these files "vanish."  I go to my
file manager, cd to my /mnt/net directory where netware is mounted, and
the files are no longer there.  I try to re-mount, and it says that the
files are already mounted.  I try to ncpumount, and it says that the
device is busy. When I reboot, the screen displays that it is umounting
the ncp filesystem, and when it comes back up I can mount the files and
work with them for a while.

Although I have a working solution figured out - I ncpumount the files
immediately after I get what I want, then remount again later when I
need to work with the files again - it is a hassle, and somewhat

Thoughts?  Fixes?

Rob Benson
rbenson ihl state ms us

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